As we enter into the colder side of the calendar we await many interesting, exciting and spooky holidays lurking around each corner. But don't fret, you are in safe hands as we provide details on some wonderful deals that will be on offer this Hallowe'en so you can puzzle, play and prowl until your heart is content. These escape rooms and their offers will make you want to howl at the moon and venture beyond your comfort zone and into the world of the other, where nightmares and torment become all you know.

Escape Room Glasgow Competition

Firstly, over at Escape Room Glasgow we see a spinetingling escape room challenge that lets you enter into a costume contest, and pit yourself against others to see who can get the fastest time across two rooms to win cash and a game voucher. They are even throwing in some candy to sweeten the deal along the way. Not bad eh? Escape Room Glasgow has a whole host of different adventures to get your mind working such as Bank Heist, Jail Break and Zombie Quarantine. Check out some of their other locations and games over at

Ctrl Alt Esc - Frankenscape

Over at Ctrl Alt Esc in Margate, Kent, we see a wonderfully gruesome entry into the array of howling events we have on the go. With what they call Frankenscape, a full-on 90-minute escape room experience in one of the most technologically-advanced escape rooms in the UK. Use Alectricity to complete and animate the monster in a heart-pumping horror experience that will leave you are your friends talking about it for months to come.

Escape Asylum

Up in Leicester we enter a weird and gruesome world of Escape Asylum. Packing three terrifying games to play this Halloween such as Cabin, Asylum and Hostage these gripping and tense adventures are well worth the visit on the spooky hallowes eve.

Other notable mentions

There's plenty more escape rooms to check out to celebrate your Halloween with a jump, scare and a mwahahaha! Other notable mentions are the upcoming Seven Deadly Sins, by Elusion Rooms, Outbreak Escape, Portsmouth and Abducted Live, Hastings. You can also check out Ouija in Bournemouth too while you are feeling brave.

By: Garf Beeston

On: October 2, 2017