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You have missed your connecting train in a remote station in the dead of night. The waiting room door becomes mysteriously locked. Using all your skills & with clues to hand, can you escape the room to get your next connection before the final whistle blows. NOT ALL IS AS IT SEEMS! Book Leave a Review




£36 to £70 per room



Duration (mins)


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  1. Theming in the room was of a good standard, and to a very good finish, there was a fair amount of immersion, and attention to detail, but the room could have done with having some ambient sound which would have upped the immersion. The use of the real brick wall in the ticket room was a lovely touch!

    A strictly linear game, which compromised mainly of observational puzzles, with a couple of word and “key for a key” moments thrown in. Enthusiasts, be aware… you may overcomplicate things in this room!
    The flow was a bit stop-start… I don’t know if this was down to our lack of observation or the room itself, we would open something… get something out and then be thinking… where do we go now, there seemed to be no obvious direction… in that it IS a linear game but almost feels open (I suppose there are open elements later in the game) as the clues don’t strictly lead on to the next, you’re more likely to get something you need for later in the game than the next puzzle for the next lock.


Address: Victoria Mill, Bolton Old Road, Atherton, M46 9FD


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