Run by: Breakout Liverpool

You are a team of elite bank robbers in the midst of your most daring heist ever. You have reached the legendary vault of the Locke and Quay Treasury - rumoured to house the fabled private depository of one of their richest clients. You have 60 minutes to raid the vault and make your escape before the back up security systems seal your fate forever. Book Leave a Review




£36-60 per room



Duration (mins)


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  1. Breakout have done a good job with the theming in The Heist, I feel (and we haven’t done Sabotage yet) that this is their best themed room, very slick, and had a good level of detail in the props and decorations used.
    The setting felt fairly immersive and there was a great sound track, with some great “action-esque” songs… The music irritated me a little when we were working on one puzzle which seemed to be placed right under the speakers.
    The room was finished very nicely, and to a good standard (but please breakout, hide the wires, that would help immersion SO much) – This is being quite critical, but those little touches are what take a good room to a GREAT room.
    A wonderfully linear game with a brilliant flow, this game almost played itself… Not the hardest game we’ve ever played, but one with lovely logical puzzles, good variation and no real sticking points of massive logic leaps. One thing I really did enjoy was the lack of “cheeky” codes that breakout likes to just hide randomly in door frames and weird places. The room flowed so much better without this aspect.


Address: Breakout Liverpool 7-11 Sir Thomas Street Liverpool L1 6BW


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