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Outbreak Escape is a multi-room escape experience. In teams of up to 8 you will enter the facility with a mission to find the hidden elements of the anti-virus and escape the facility uninfected. There are 6 different areas you will need to get through, and each room will have 10 minutes to get solve the puzzle to get the virus element. You will be locked in, and only released once the 10 minutes is up - then you have to leave, with or without the anti-virus. The puzzles are a mix of logical, physical and mental - so everyone gets a chance to shine! Some of the puzzles will require all the members of your team to complete, so team work and communication is essential. Oh yes, and of course, the facility is infested with bloodthirsty zombies - so mind you don't get infected! Book Leave a Review




£15 per person



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  1. Loved the set up of Outbreak, it was dark, scary and tense. The soldier you meet in the first room does a good job of setting the scene and immersing you in the story. You don’t know what you will find behind the next door or when you will run into a zombie. Some of the games were better than others, you are warned by the soldier at the beginning that there are some red herrings in each room, but in some of the rooms I felt that the red herring was so big that it detracted from the game, and you were left feeling a bit disappointed when you found the answer. That said, we had a really good time, it was really different to my previous escape room experience and the tension and danger element was really fun. There were only 4 on my team, I don’t know if the experience would have been different if we had 8 people, some of the spaces we were in were really small and I feel like 8 people would have been too many.


Address: 10 Isambard Brunel Rd, Portsmouth PO1 2DU, UK


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