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You own a run down Motel on the outskirts of Pittsburg> You see a lot of strange people coming and going, Sam didn't seem any different when he checked in 3 months ago. Now though there's something going on that you can't quite put your finger on. After he leaves one day you decide to take a look inside his room, and instantly know that you shouldn't have. Book Leave a Review




£40-£78 per room



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  1. The decoration was exactly what you would expect from an old-fashioned motel room, only with a bit of a dark twist. The props and furniture were old-fashioned to match the era, and the room lacked a lot in tech, but this fit perfectly with the theme, and anything too fancy or automated would have looked really out-of-place. The room had the ‘homemade’ look, but in a good way, and you could see a lot of thought and work had been put into the room to get it just right, and the sense of immersion was great. The puzzles were really clever and fit so well into the theme, as you progressed through the game, both the items you found, and the puzzles, gave you a little bit more of the story, and a glimpse into Sam’s life. I loved how the story had been woven into every aspect of the room and unfolded as you progressed. There was a lot to do in the room, and such a good variety that all of us did well at something and felt like we had contributed plenty to the group. The game was linear, and there was a lot of searching to be done, the puzzles were a great mix of logic, math, observation and word puzzles, all unique and memorable, and so much fun to solve. The flow of the room was amazing and we never really hit any major road blocks, and enjoyed every minute of it!

  2. Theming was really good, everything you’d expect from a Motel in the 1970s.
    Very immersive and just a little bit spooky, but not scary!
    The room was well lit, spacious and clean. It told the story very well allowing us glimpses into the life Sam and what dastardly deeds he’s been up to. This is done partially through the puzzles and partially through the decor in the room, which is finished to a very high standard.

    The game was strictly linear, with a brilliant flow and such a wonderful range of puzzles.
    Logic, observation, searching, word, math, code-breaking. A whole range of puzzles led to an interesting and varied room, which will allow all members of the team to have their chance to shine!
    Each and every puzzle had a great Ah-ha moment, were perfectly solvable and logical. Very well designed and a lot of fun!


Address: 15 Eldon Terrace, Leeds, LS2 9AB


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