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Know this brave knight, man’s darkest hour is upon us. Following King Arthur’s death, the banner which held the United Kingdoms together has all but vanished. Houses of the North, South, East and West battle in a constant struggle for power, causing reckless destruction of everything we hold dear. The North is set to storm the capital, beginning what only can be imagined as centuries of needless war and devastation. However, there is just one glimmer of hope. To find a new King of England and reunite the seven kingdoms under one true leader. Legends speak of secret chambers built into King Arthur’s Castle, riddled with mysteries and guarded by Merlin’s magic. It is said that when the time comes to pass, the secrets of King Arthur’s castle will only speak to the worthy, the one who has what it takes to become the King of England. This is where your journey begins, brave adventurer. Here, deep in the heart of King Arthur’s castle… Can you evade Merlin’s magic, unravel the mystery and unearth King Arthur’s secret? Book Leave a Review




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  1. The king Arthur room isn’t the biggest room we have played, but literally every inch of the room was themed. There was no paint or wallpaper on the walls, but actual imitation stone bricks that looked and felt so real. The room was immaculately done, everything was made from thick sturdy wood, the floor was real wood, and the centrepiece in the room that played a part in some of the puzzles was amazing. It was like being on a movie set, so immersive, and both the music and light levels changed and reacted to things that we were doing in the game. The room was pretty linear, but most of the puzzles involved team work and required having people in different places at the same time. There wasn’t much searching to be done in the room, but the things that we did have to look for were hidden well. The actual types of puzzles didn’t have a huge amount of variety, and involved a lot of code-breaking and observation, and it was more a case of decode something, open a lock, decode something else, open a lock, but this was done in a different and interesting way every time, and brought different parts of the room into play. Overall the room flowed pretty well, but was interrupted a few times by having to try codes in all the identical locks, not a huge problem for the 4 of us, but could be time consuming as a two.


Address: Atlas House, 31 King Street, Leeds, LS1 2HL


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