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FATHOM is for lovers of games, of play, of puzzles and mystery. For the curious and the competitive. People with a sense of fun who enjoy losing themselves in the fictional worlds of movies, literature, or video-games, and are looking for a different kind of interactive challenge. Anybody can play; Book now as a team of family or friends. Planning a date? Buy two tickets and join other players for an evening you won’t forget! Why not challenge your professors or peers by attempting FATHOM as a school or University team? Whether you fancy an alternative night out with your mates, or are even just visiting Bristol by yourself, FATHOM is not to be missed! Book Leave a Review




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  1. This was my first Escape game and I am officially hooked and can’t wait to do another one; for this reason I assume that it’s a pretty good one! There was loads to do and some pretty cool surprises. The people who run it were really friendly and lovely too. We didn’t escape which I was a little disappointed with but we were all still buzzing as we left and the fact that it was genuinely a challenge was what made it so exciting. We really were racing against time! We were just moments away from escaping so I think a larger group would be able to do this and find it suitably challenging still. I really loved this and how well it made us all team together. I can’t wait to do another one!

  2. The set dressing and props really sell the submarine theme here. And the team (only two!) do a great job of bringing you further into that fiction before and during your time playing the game. There are a lot puzzles to solve here and so I’d recommend bringing as large a party of people you can to make the task more manageable. The puzzles could have done with a bit more flow between them, and a couple of the leaps of logic could have been better signposted, but maybe that’s just me being bitter after having not escaped in time. Worth checking out whether you’re new to or experienced with escape games.

  3. I loved the setting of the scene for this game, really made me feel connected and helped get you into the mind set to get the task at hand done. Loved the way the hints were provided… i’ll say no more on that point 😉 Lots of clues to find and puzzles to crack which was a little overwhelming for me at times but it was all great fun and myself and my friends thoroughly enjoyed our time!

  4. The theme to this one was great and really immersed you in the whole experience. The way they gave hints was very interesting and unusual, and added to their immersive nature of the game. Would fully recommend this game to anyone. I would say that you do need a larger group to do this one as there are a lot of puzzles to solve in the time.


Address: The Old Malt House, Unit 1, 4-6 Pennywell Road, Bristol, UK, BS5 0TJ


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