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Earthquake! Alma City is in the grip of total panic and chaos. Fires are raging and grand buildings collapsing. Inside the Edward Palamate Institute for chemical research lies a priceless sample that must be saved at all costs. Is your disaster cleanup crew up to the job? You have just one hour to stabilise the systems, open the airlock, save the sample and get out. Clock’s ticking... Book Leave a Review




£40-80 per room



Duration (mins)


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  1. this was like being thrown into a real disaster, the theming was spot on, and reminded me of the Earthquake ride at Universal Orlando, it was THAT good… The soundtrack was spot on, with rumblings of several aftershocks… REAL aftershocks… the walls moved! It felt like the ground was gonna open up with each tremor! With a television monitor flickering on and off and linking us to the news channel reporting on our impending doom, it was hard to believe this was “just an escape room”…

    Once again, Escapologic thrust us into an experience, giving puzzles that WOULD be found in the situation we were facing! I’d recommend this for a bigger group than just 2 though, (unless your “2” teamwork is stellar) because some of the situations call for a more solitary approach… (i.e. you’ll be split up) This was the most “traditional” escape room at Escapologic with the balance of hunting and puzzle solving being more on par with a “key & padlock” room – except I am fairly sure this room had not one single padlock in it at all!
    There is a massive “OH S***” moment right near the end which makes for a brilliant finale to the room!


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