Run by: Escapologic

A grinning skull. An explorer’s abandoned backpack. An ancient and terrible mystery surrounds this place - a mystery that has claimed the lives of many before you... The door clangs shut. In the last hopeless flickers of light, you see a huge shackled gate, solid walls, and strange signs scrawled on the stone... Book Leave a Review




£40-80 per room



Duration (mins)


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  1. We had the pleasure of playing Crypt-ic in Nottingham and had a great time! We escaped the room really enjoyed our time. I nearly died in Crypt-ic (in a good way) and was fully immersed in the atmosphere and our lovely host. Great fun with minimal light and lots of searching high and low! Don’t be put of by the GMs messing with your team 😉 Would recommend.

  2. Yet again, Escapologic hit the nail on the head (or should that be coffin :O) with this room, A dusty old crypt that encourages absolute exploration. The decoration was creepy, sandy and dark, but not scary and created the perfect atmosphere for our Indiana Jones style expedition!
    Crypt-ic saw us on the trail of King Heritho, with only 2 lanterns between 5 of us, things were going to be dark…and cosy… again this room has a minimal amount of padlocks, with the puzzles being organic and true to the story and theme of the room… it was brilliant, Escapologic puts you directly into the story and lets you explore and discover on your own. Crypt-ic was fairly physical, with climbing up and down steps, crawling and loads of exploration!


Address: ESCAPOLOGIC 21-23 Castle Gate, Nottingham NG1 7AQ, UK


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