Run by: ParaPark Leeds

The 9th Gateway was once the site of a séance that resulted in the disappearance of 9 people. Since then, all who enter this cursed basement are swallowed by the evil inside - never to return. Players must enter the gateway, find the necronomicon and all of it's pages and escape before the portal seals them inside forever! Book Leave a Review




£14 to £20 per person



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  1. The room is down in the basement, which adds to the horror theme a bit, it also makes it very cold in there, I would recommend taking a coat in with you if it’s cold outside, I doubt this will be a problem in the summer, however when we played it was FREEZING! The room was clean, parts of it had a lot of space, and everything was in good condition. However, I’m not too sure what they were going for with the actual theme of the room, it wasn’t massively immersive and I was very aware I was in an escape room, and it just seemed to me like a random collection of furniture in a room with no real theme, other than ‘horror’. Some of the puzzles did fit well with the theme, or more specifically, with the back story, but some seemed a bit out-of-place considering the story we had been told, such as the generic remote control car puzzle which made no sense being in this old-fashioned room. We don’t usually play as a 6, and it didn’t take me long to regret this decision, as one part of the game was quite small, and we spent this portion of it tripping over each other. There really wasn’t enough for 6 people to do. The flow of the room was OK, mostly linear, and we never really got stuck on anything for too long. A mixture of word and observation puzzles, a little searching, and a number of generic escape room puzzles. None of the puzzles really made a lasting impression, they were OK, but for me there wasn’t a great sense of achievement when solving them, and we had seen pretty much every one of them done before. That being said, some of the group did enjoy the room, so maybe this was down to that fact that there was simply not enough for us all to do, leading to some of us having a very different experience of the room.


Address: 110 Vicar Ln, Leeds LS2 7NL, UK


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