We’ve found out about another way to scratch our puzzle solving itch between escape games. Previously we have posted about play at home escape games that were based around table top gaming experiences that included the EscapeGameHub favourite UNLOCK! In this post we are discussing books. Now, before you get a bit judgy and dismiss this as a boring nonsense, hear us out – as these books contain immersive adventures, a strong narrative and some good old fashioned mystery whilst providing a challenge to the old noggin and delivering far more than may initially meet the eye.

All of these can be found on our Products page alongside the aforementioned play at home escape games.

The Librarian’s Almanaq

This fantastic little book is ‘an all-in-one puzzlehunt, an interconnected suite of a dozen unique and fun puzzles’ following a narrative that should take between eight and forty hours to complete on your own, perhaps less if you decide to tackle it amongst friends (and hopefully not more for the diehard gamers amongst you!). This should be an experience that is new to all of you, one of your first tasks is to tear the book apart and reassemble it in order to progress! The enormous enjoyability of the puzzles and promise of a highly satisfying conclusion is enough motivation to get completely lost in this highly affordable adventure.

Journal 29

Journal 29 is the newest book game in this here list, but has already proven popular amongst gaming communities worldwide. This book contains many more challenges (over 60 in fact) over almost 150 pages. The answer to each riddle can be submitted on the Journal 29 website (you can either follow a URL or use a QR code for those of use that have progressed from the original Nokia 3210) and if correct, you are provided with a key which will help you in the following riddle.

If the introductory narrative: A top secret excavation did not bring any result for 28 weeks. It was on the 29th week that something unexpected happened. The team disappeared and the only thing that was left behind was their Journal. You must solve the riddles in order to solve the mystery.

Isn’t enough to sell is to you then head to the Amazon listing page to check out the sneak peek look inside function that gives you access to the first 5 riddles HERE.

S. (or Ship of Theseus)

We’ve gone a little bit different with our third selection. S. is a stunning product of a partnership that includes Doug Dorst and J.J. Abrams (yes, THAT J.J. Abrams) which is a combination of narratives provided by the original writer of the book, and two strangers who are reading the book and leaving notes for each other concurrently. By the time the book has found its way into your position it is stuffed with material that help drag the reader though the mystery and controversy. For that reason, it is suggested to avoid any digital versions of this book, and be careful to keep the inserts between the correct pages. We’ve not finished this one yet but are bound to very soon, it’s cryptic, challenging yet gripping. There is debate about how the ‘right way’ to read this one, find out yourself whether reading a chapter of the book text, followed by the notes that surround it, or whether reading it all as you go along is best for you. We’ve not been let down either way.

Although this is (at the time of writing) is the most expensive item on this list we believe it maybe the best value. It’s a work of art, a reworking of how stories can be told, and an outstanding fantastic mystery to try and get your head around!

Have you tackled any of these adventures? Or have any more that you think we should check out? Let us know at info@escapegamehub.com.

By: Tom Southerden

On: July 11, 2017